Jane Hopkinson 2019

My designs concentrate on function, texture, shape and colour.

Sculptural shapes and clean lines with striking colours are individual to each design, mixing textured leathers to enhance the shape of the bag.  Attention to detail in the closing of the bag using decorative handmade fastenings are part of the design process.

My designs cross a varied spectrum from sculptured evenings bags to the more soft organic shapes for every day.

Printed and plain leathers are just some of the textures I use to create a range of diverse designs that are perfect for daytime, weddings and special occasions.  This season’s collection combines a mixture of sculptured and soft organic shapes in contrasting colours in a mixture of brights and soft muted pastels.

Open Mon – Fri 10 – 5
Weekend opening 11, 18, 19 and 25 May  11 – 5

1-2 Turner-Dumbrell Workshops
Dumbrells Court Road

01273 844336