11. Jenny KilBride and Jane Skelton

Stroll across the fields from the War Memorial or follow the wide grass verge from Beacon Road to reach 14 Clayton Rd where you will find Jenny KilBride, weaver and dyer, and Jane Skelton, potter.   Some of Jane’s students of her workshop in Streat will also be showing their work.

Jenny’s is particularly interested in natural dyes which she uses to create a wide variety of colours on silk and wool.  In her garden workshop she will be showing the scarves and throws woven on her four-shaft Maxwell loom.

Jane will be showcasing the wide variety of the uses clay can be put to – there will be pots, models, sculptures – some for indoors others for the garden and some to just admire.  They will have been modelled, hand-built and thrown, to create an exciting range of domestic, garden and studio ware.

14 Clayton Road
01273 843890

Open weekends in May including bank holiday Monday 29th 11am – 5pm
Not open May 1st