Chy Morvah, 25 East End Lane, Ditchling, BN6 8SX
07756 883240

Open Weekends in May including bank holiday Mondays, 11 – 5

I am Miranda Ellis (the first Miranda Ellis) and host of Three Free. This year my theme is the panoramic format and the effects of light saturation at dawn in Italy and the contrast of light eclipsed in autumnal twilight on the South Downs as seen from Ditchling. I am very pleased to be joined by Miranda Ellis ( the second Miranda Ellis), who makes beautiful abstract glass sculptures both for the garden and interior and by Richard Heanley, a blacksmith whose work includes bespoke garden furniture and quirky figurative sculpture.

Special Tribute to Jennifer Milnes (Jennifer Milnes Mathur) showcasing a couple of her large and expressive paintings. Jennifer was a founder member of AID and sadly died on the 22nd December 2023.

Miranda Ellis: www.mirandaellis.com
Miranda Ellis: mirandaglass.com
Richard Heanley: studioforge.co.uk